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Tree Day 2015

Tree Day 2015 took place on Thursday, 8th October. This year’s Tetra Pak Tree Day was all about becoming a true friend of the environment.

Family Tree Scheme

Commemorate an event or person by planting a tree as part of our Family Tree Scheme. Your family tree will span the human generations, giving pleasure to many.

Tree Week 2016

ESB Tree Week 2016 takes place from 6th to 13th of March. Tree Week, organised by the Tree Council of Ireland is a programme of events to celebrate trees.

– NEWS –

Resistant Ash?

From The Observer: Robin McKie Observer science editor A £1.2m project to recruit thousands of walkers and other members of the public to help save Britain’s ash trees is to be launched on Monday. The aim of the AshTag project is to use “citizen science” to pinpoint trees that are resistant to ash dieback disease. […]

Connelly Hospital marks James’s execution in 1916

On Friday 13th of May, 100 years and one day after the execution of James Connelly, a Giant Redwood was planted in his memory in the grounds of the hospital in Blanchardstown named in his honour. This is to match a somewhat older and bigger Sequoiadendron giganteum in the centre of the entrance roundabout to […]

St Enda’s Pearse brothers commemorative planting

Tree Council President Kevin Hutchinson planted a tree in memory of Patrick and Willie Pearse in St Enda’s Park  on the 100th anniversary of their execution. The ceremony was jointly organised with Dr Matthew Jebb, Director of the Botanic Gardens.   Below, Kevin with some descendants of the Pearse family