About Us

What is the Tree Council?

The Tree Council is an umbrella body for organisations involved in tree planting, management and conservation. The main role of the Tree Council is to promote the planting, care and enjoyment of trees. The Tree Council aims to educate the public through the organisation of events and tree related activities, the publication of literature, the management of national tree records and through the provision of an information service to the public.

The heritage trees register is an important resource that the Tree Council is involved in creating and maintaining. We all want our heritage and ancient trees to survive as long as possible and to do this we need to protect them. The only way we can do this is to know where they are. We need to find them, map them, photograph them and record them.

Who are the Tree Council?

The Council is comprised of representatives of the member organisations; each organization has an entitlement to send one representative once it is accepted as a member.

The Tree Council Management Group consists of officers elected by the representatives.

President: Kevin Hutchinson

Vice-President: Joe McConville

Treasurer: Michael O’Brien

Secretary: Felicity Gaffney

Liaison Officer: Olive Harrington

PRO: Éanna Ní Lamhna

Advisory Consultant: Dr Gerhardt Gallagher

Kay Hartigan, Administrator