Champion Trees – A Selection of Ireland’s Great Trees

Published by the Tree Council of Ireland

In recent years, some 10,000 trees growing in Ireland have been recorded and measured. Champion Trees provides details of 1,200 of these trees including Ireland’s tallest, oldest, biggest and largest girthed trees. The booklet opens with a list of Ireland’s most remarkable trees followed by a selection of exceptional trees listed by county and provides a flavour of the diversity, distribution and beauty of one of our most precious and fragile pieces of heritage. Champion Trees is based on a survey carried out by the Tree Register of Ireland on behalf of the Tree Council of Ireland and the Irish Tree Society, and is the first comprehensive survey of Ireland’s great trees. Trees are remarkable for many reasons including their age, height, circumference and botanical attributes, they may have historical and folklore connections, or they may be critical in defining their local landscape. 51 pages.

€7.49 (including postage)