Tree Register of Ireland


Fraxinus excelsior


Tober lachteen, Knocknagranshy, Manister, Co. Limerick

Situation: Individual Tree
Visited and photographed on: 02-Oct-09
Height: 15 m Girth: 5.74 m

Heritage value:

Named tree
Habitat value
A site of religious significance

Massive old ash by holy well, situated in grange lands of Cistercian monastery.
From Danny Quaid : a magnificent ash tree growing on a hedgerow and overlooking what was in the past a holy well called Tobar Lachteen. Nearby was discovered in the 1950s the remains of a “horizontal mill” excavated by A. T. Lucas, of the National Museum; this is what he had to say in his report of 1954. “The only source of water in the vicinity is a holy well called Toberlaghteen which lies about 62 m. north-east of the site and at a considerably higher level. The original well which is now dry, was surrounded by a small stone-built cupola, with a slab above the doorway bearing the inscription; ` This was erected by James Keating in ye year of Our Lord 1791 that lived in Grangehill, Pray for him. ` Grangehill is of course, a translation of Knocknagranshy, (Cnoc na Gráinsighe), `the hill of the grange or barn`).
The spring which is overshadowed by a large ash tree breaks out just beside the cupola and forms a large pool about 3 m. in diameter.”
I spoke with the owner of the lands (former grange of Monasteranenagh) in the early 1980's who told me she remembered as a child seeing crutches and other paraphernalia decorating the well surrounds. She told me that the ‘well’ was noted for its cure for sore eyes.