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March 31st to April 7th

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Irish Tree Trails

Join Eanna Ni Lamhna as she takes you on a journey exploring the native heritage trees of Ireland.

Family Tree Scheme

Commemorate an event or person by planting a tree as part of our Family Tree Scheme. Your family tree will span the human generations, giving pleasure to many.

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Get a free sapling tree for your class for Tree Day 2018

The Tree Council of Ireland with the support of Tetra Pak have 1,000 sapling trees to give away. The Guelder Rose is one of our lesser known native deciduous trees. It grows in dampish areas in hedges and small woods. It is a small tree, growing to a maximum of 4 metres. It bears discs […]

Tree Day 2018

Join us for Tree Day 2018 this October 4th. Visit for more!