Balrath Project – The Outdoor Classroom

Balrath Project – The Outdoor Classroom

Balrath woodland is located in Co. Meath on what was once part of the old Summerville Estate. It extends over 21 hectares and was planted in 1969 with a mixture of conifers and broadleaves, mainly Norway spruce and Oak. Remnants of older broadleaves such as Spanish chestnut, Horse chestnut, Beech and Oak are scattered throughout the wood and two grassed ridelines which run though the property favour wildlife diversity.

The Tree Council of Ireland are developing this woodland in association with Meath County Council as an “Outdoor classroom” or an interpretive woodland. When work is complete it will be used as an educational medium, through which public knowledge and awareness of trees, the woodland environment and forest management can be heightened. The Outdoor Classroom will be made readily accessible to the public and will prove an attractive venue and ideal setting for outdoor teaching and for school groups.balrath2

Download “Balrath Wood – An introduction to Irish woodlands – Notes for Teachers” (PDF format )

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