Family Tree Scheme

Gift a Tree & Grow a Forest

Family Tree Scheme

Gift a Tree & Grow a Forest

The Family Tree Scheme enables you to commemorate a special event or to remember a loved one by giving you the opportunity to have a tree planted in their name. This tree will span the human generations, giving pleasure to many while enriching Ireland’s tree heritage.

At present we have 2 sites available:

Castle Saunderson, Co. Cavan, €60

Gift a tree in Co. Cavan

Aurora Glencree, Co. Wicklow, €60

Gift a tree in Co. Wicklow

A certificate, recording the name of the person for whom the tree is planted, the occasion and dedication, along with your name will be sent out to you or the person of your choice.

Until recently, the Tree Council had other sites including a woodland at Muckross Forest in Killarney, Strokestown House, Co. Roscommon, Birr Castle, Co. Offaly and Larch Hill, County Dublin which have reached capacity for new trees, however existing trees can still be visited by appointment.

Information provided to us will only be used for creating your certificate and the maintenance of record books. Please contact us if you would like any information we hold on you removed.

Your Trees in Our Forest Woodlands

These woodlands look wild because they are being allowed to develop freely with all the natural richness and ecological diversity that this entails.

Management intervention is minimal except to control invasive species which may compete aggressively with the establishing oak trees or cause significant habitat change or loss of other species.

At present, the ground layer is mainly made up of a variety of ferns, grasses, sedges and herbaceous plants which provide shelter and nourishment for a wide variety of birds, small mammals and insects.

Dead wood and fallen trees are also retained as important habitats supporting a wide range of specialised insects and fungi.

Mature, native oak woodlands are one of our most highly valued habitats for the wealth of wildlife associated with them.

We gratefully acknowledge the support of all those who have sponsored trees here to make a positive contribution to our environment and to leave an enduring legacy for future generations.

Visitors are asked to please note when visiting our woodland forest areas that you will be entering a natural habitat and we recommend that strong, supportive footwear should be worn. Access may be limited at certain times of the year depending on weather and ground conditions.