Go Wild at School:

Paddy Madden

This book was first published in 1996. Reprinted 1999. Revised and reprinted 2011. In its 9 chapters it deals comprehensively with the following topics: Establishing and maintaining the following in a wildlife garden: a native mini-wood; a cornfield meadow; a wildflower meadow; a tree nursery; a bird sanctuary; a bee, butterfly and hoverfly patch; pond and marsh habitats; an organic vegetable patch; a native hedgerow. Each chapter has a shopping list, a work schedule, a management plan, and jottings. (These are extra notes on the topic in question).

Appendix 1 has monthly reminders for every month of the year. Appendix 2 deals with how to teach children using the wildlife garden. Appendix 3 deals with DIY in the wildlife garden. Appendix 4 has a list of suppliers of native seeds and plant

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