The Laudato Tree and Great Green Wall Project

Looking to get involved in something epic?

We are extending our Family Tree Scheme to Africa.

Worried about Climate Change and Global Warming, then get involved and make some solid, on the ground changes.

The Laudato Tree – Great Green Wall Project is an environmental initiative in Ireland and Africa. The project will be run by the Tree Council of Ireland for the SMA (Society of African Missions). The purpose of the “wall” is to halt the impact of desertification across the Sahel which is a region just south of the Sahara Desert.

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The Great Green Wall will be a Forest of trees planted against climate change running across the Sahel region. It will be an 8000 km new world wonder, crossing the entire width of Africa, and run until 2030. It will transform lives and the environment, extending from Senegal in the west to Djibouti in the east.

This project is being supported by partners including the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD), whose Executive Secretary, Madame Monique Barbut, has invited Ireland to play a leading role in helping Africa to deliver The Great Green Wall.

The Laudato Tree and the Great Green Wall Project was inaugurated by the President of Ireland, H.E. Michael D. Higgins, in March 2018 for the SMA (Society of African Missions) and in the presence of the UNCCD and the Tree Council of Ireland. The SMA was founded at Lyons (France) in 1856 by Mgr Melchior de Marion Brésillac.

Working in association with the SMA, the Tree Council of Ireland and the UNCCD will transform your €60 donation into the planting of 6 trees in total: 1 tree in Ireland and 5 trees along the Great Green Wall. This also includes the after care of the trees and the training of Great Green Wall guardian communities who will plant and take care of the trees for future generations.

Our first project will benefit directly dozens of communities in Ghana and Burkina Faso, where tree planting is already well advanced.

More info on the Great Green Wall

Your sponsorship of €60 will be used to plant a tree in a woodland in Ireland and to also plant 5 trees on Africa’s Great Green Wall, running through Ghana and Burkina
Faso. An essential part of your donation will go towards three critical initiatives related to combatting the impact of
climate change:

(i) €25 will be invested in Ireland, promoting climate justice, the planting of trees (including ten years aftercare), and increasing Ireland’s biodiversity. Ireland’s tree coverage is currently the lowest in Europe at 11%. The average tree coverage throughout the European Union is 37%

(ii) €35 will go directly towards restoring degraded lands along the Sahel, training Great Green Wall guardian communities, increasing food security, creating green jobs, offering hope to Africa’s youth and reducing the need for migration or the dangers of radicalisation;
and, allowing you to become part of helping Africa to GROW A NEW WORLD WONDER!

(iii) The primary cause of Global Warming is CO2 emissions. The greatest, most efficient and inexpensive machines for sequestering carbon dioxide are Trees. Over a lifetime a single tree will extract an average of 40 tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The good news is that in addition to all the above, your €60 donation (just €5 per month) will help to extract over its lifetime 40 tons of CO2 in Ireland and 200 tons of CO2 in Africa.

(iv) A certificate will be sent to you by post and you can visit the location of the woodland where your tree will be growing managed in Ireland.

Soon, through Google Maps, we hope to let you visit the location of the project where your trees (Baobab, Moringa, Acacia and the Fonio crop) along the Great
Green Wall have been planted.

If you wish to make a smaller, or larger, donation towards this Project we will put it towards the planting of trees. This means that everyone can get involved and make a difference in Ireland and along Africa’s Great Green Wall.

Background Notes:

The SMA/Tree Council of Ireland project links the planting of trees in Ireland with increasing support for the planting of trees and crops along the Sahel and will be developed in association with various environmental organizations throughout Ireland, as well as local and national government.

It is part of the SMA Family Tree Programme, an initiative developed in the context of the World Meeting of Families in August 2018, attended by Pope Francis. Through the various elements of the Family Tree/ Laudato Tree Programme, the Society will connect with young people, families, parishes and community groups throughout Ireland.

Additional Information:
*The Laudato Tree and Great Green Wall Project is inspired by the historic environmental encyclical by Pope Francis, Laudato Si’, and Senegalese women in a BBC World Hacks short documentary about the Great Green Wall, who are singing ‘Praise to the Trees… Praise to the Great Green Wall’. (Laudato Si’ is the opening line of the great Canticle of Creation by St. Francis of Assisi, which in English means, ‘Praise to…’). For a short video about Pope Francis’ environmental letter ‘Laudato Si’, addressed to everyone on Earth, click here.

The Laudato Tree Project and Great Green Wall Project has two principle aims:

(i) to increase biodiversity in Ireland through the planting of trees, and thus to work with our Government, relevant departments and Irish Civil Society, towards meeting our Climate commitments relative to, amongst others, the Paris Climate Agreement) and:
(ii) to champion the cause of Africa’s Great Green Wall, through encouraging our Government and Irish Civil Society, including faith communities, to support the growing of this historic, epic and critical world wonder.