Forest Service Grants

These grants may change from time to time. For more up-to-date information please consult the Forest Service at lo-call 0761064415 or 053-9163400

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NeighbourWood Scheme

The NeighbourWood Scheme supports the development of attractive close-to-home woodland amenities (or ‘neighbourwoods’) for public use and enjoyment. The scheme is available to both public and private landowners, working in partnership with local communities. It is run by the Forest Service of the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine.

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Forest Roads

The grant rate for roads has increase by €5 to €40/m. The criteria for calculating the eligible area served by the proposed forest road has changed.  Where 50% or greater of the area is due for harvesting in the next 3 years the entire area can now be deemed eligible. For co operative road building (joint applications) this can extend to 5 years.

In cases where the proposed forest road bell mouth is at least 2m below the surface of the existing public road an additional 30m will be allowed per forest entrance to contribute towards the cost of additional stone required. This means that bell mouths in this situation can include an additional 60 metres of road length for grant purposes.

A special construction works (SCW) grant is being introduced for 50% of  the cost of the SCW up to a maximum of €5,000 per application whichever is the smaller. This provision is primarily aimed at facilitating the construction of forest roads in environmentally sensitive sites to limit any potential adverse impacts from harvesting activities.

Forest road developments which connect to an existing forest road network in a public, state owned or private forest, will be supported. In these situations that proportion of forest road constructed outside of the applicants land will be grant aided.

Native Woodland Conservation

Funding has been set aside for between 300ha-360ha  of Native Woodland Conservation per annum. This measure includes support for public and private landowners and also for emergent native woodlands.

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